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       What are we building Backstage??


The Backstage Pass is a collaborative, global hub being built by women futurists to be the model of what the internet can do best:

 knowledge share that changes lives to be lived in more equity, globally and for ALL!

 We are pulling back the curtain & flipping the script on how we share our tools & resources.

We bring together women breaking down barriers of money, sex and politics to engage in open conversations and foster empowerment, so that we can amplify our voices and drive positive change in our communities.

Your participation helps us to keep our digital lights on as we continue to strengthen our global, decentralized network our thought leaders, industry disruptors and business activist as we build #techforgood. 

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About Us 

The LBI Backstage Pass is the premier inclusive, digital ecosystem available to women who want to see the world change through new leadership across the globe. 

We are building #techforgood.

We are actively building 

the safest & most important place on the changing internet for women 




We host conversations, connections & activations to build equity


We are a membership platform that is a private AND safe space for women to organize & mobilize on global issues that affect ALL.



 Questions? Connect with us at [email protected]