LBI Backstage Pass : CONVOS & EVENTS
LBI Backstage Pass : CONVOS & EVENTS
LBI Backstage Pass

LBI Backstage Pass

We connect women to all the entrepreneurial resources we need, building community along the way!

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The LBI Backstage Pass is a growing community of women who are pulling back the curtain on the way we do business. 


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On the Backstage Pass, we are flipping the script on how we share our tools & resources so that we can close the wage gap whilst we support women in roles of leadership & entrepreneurism .

We are shattering glass ceilings together with people of
any age,
any color,
any gender 
and at any stage of their career
to co- create better ways of living for ALL.

Read the LBI Womanifesto

"Structure is intuitive based on a lot of popular networking / social apps. The content is far better than anything I've seen before on social."
            - Miriam McNamara

We know feminine lead world will be better for EVERYone!

We are building bigger stages so that we can have safe space to do bizz better.

"So I finally went onto to LBI Backstage Pass ….I felt so seen and it made me really excited to jump into the community. And as I got in and started exploring I got so excited! I think I was originally really nervous about joining because my introverted self thrives one-on-one but group scenarios and traditional social media make me so so anxious . But as I started to understand the aspect of Backstage Pass that offers a huge network of all my Ladyboss needs I was like whoa! What a cool thing you’ve created. I’ll be joining We Work Wednesdays starting next week. I think that will be a really good addition to my workweeks.’"
            - Alane Mason

This bossed-up platform aka the LBI Backstage Pass features:

  • Ladyboss Lounge: Our version of a news feed where you can connect with your fella LB’s & get a standing ovation from your community even for small successes!

  • Ladyboss Library: Our curated collection of topics will support your wellbeing and move your business forward.

  • LBI Mall: Our e-commerce hub truly puts the person before the purchase, while featuring virtual shops owned by women in business, our amazing community members who are in alignment with our core values!

"Giving gals the chills, one movement at a time!"
           - Marisol Colette

This is a safe, inclusive and  highly curated social platform built by Women, for Women!

 We place the person before the purchase.  

You will grow your business goals beyond your wildest dreams in alignment with our shared core values

A good resource to open people up about what I do as a business woman & my daily lifestyle and tips on how to be a light worker / be free.
- Tojah Money

We what invest in returns. 

If we want to see the world change, we need to put our money where our mouth is and do things differently.

We are investing in COmmunity, in COnnection and in creating a new way of COmmerce. 

We know building bizz can be isolating. Bring your island of one to a sea of plenty to join in on convos & have tickets to the hottest events online and in person!

 Questions: [email protected]

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